Bob Warden – Biography

Well-known TV personality Bob Warden has proven taste and sizzling passion for great food as a television cooking celebrity, kitchenware developer and cookbook author. He’s a hugely successful TV cooking show host, product developer and QVC manufacturers’ representative-with four decades of proven marketing experience.

Warden’s newest venture, Great Chefs International, includes a TV show and a variety of new cookbooks as well as the premiere of Great Flavors, a collection of concentrated stocks, sauces, and seasonings. The chef endorsed product line and recipe book is available on home shopping giant QVC, featured with rave customer reviews.

Over the last two decades, Mr. Warden has built an extremely loyal following on QVC, averaging nearly a dozen live appearances each week. Bob has helped develop hundreds of kitchen products for QVC, as well as other top brand kitchen manufacturers. Appearing in more than 8,000 on-air cooking presentations, his retail sales have reached over one billion dollars. Warden is also recognized for selling over 500,000 Ninja kitchen products on QVC.

In the past, Warden was responsible for the publication of eight customer top-rated, five-star cookbooks. Selling over 600,000 copies on QVC alone, the best sellers included: Quick and Easy Pressure Cooking, The Ninja Master Prep Cookbook, The Ninja Master Prep Professional Cookbook, The Ultimate Bulk Buying Cookbook, Best of the Best Cook’s Essentials and Bob Warden’s Slow Food Fast. Most recently, Great Food Fast, the ultimate go-to reference for pressure cooking has sold over 200,000 copies to date. This year, Bob’s additions to the Best of the Best series include: Favorite Ninja Recipes, Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes and Bob Warden’s Favorite Recipes.

In addition to developing kitchen products, Warden has produced, written, directed and/or hosted more than forty infomercials. His ReWarden Inc. team also has introduced and managed program rollouts for dozens of QVC’s most successful products.

Never just a side dish, Warden developed Nationwide Marketing Inc. back in 1986-the original marketers of the FoodSaver vacuum sealing system for which he produced and hosted the first ever half-hour television infomercial for a kitchen product.